'American Promise' Nabs Britdoc Impact Award

American Promise is one of five recipients of the Britdoc Impact Award which recognizes documentary films "that have made the greatest impact on society." Each filmmaking team receives $15,000 to "recognize their achievements and continue their campaigns." In particular, American Promise is being recognized for using "...an ambitious traditional theatrical release in over 60 cities to build a national platform for building awareness, dialogue, and action around issues of black male achievement and educational equity, effectively using a traditional theatrical release as an outreach vehicle."

American Promise follows two middle class black families over thirteen years as they navigate the ups and downs of parenting and educating their sons. Beti Films' Margaret Byrne and Jon Stuyvesant served as a cinematographers on the project. Byrne also served as an editor.

You can read more about the outreach campaign for American Promise here.

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